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Halloween Storage Tips and Tricks

Is that your house with all the huge, scary, animated Halloween decorations? Is it the worst when you go to place those decorations and you realize they’re broken. Broken because you jammed them in the garage and weren’t so careful when you put them away? They are so expensive and fragile. The safest place for your scary decor can be in one of our storage units. Keep your Halloween decor safe from all the moisture, dust, and dirt that can be so damaging. It's critical to store them well. Here are some tips when putting your Halloween decorations away until next year.

1. Using Original Packaging when Possible

When possible, original packaging and boxes are best to store animated figures. They were specially designed to protect the delicate components.

2. Bubble Wrap and Pads for Extra Protection

Use bubble wrap or foam padding to protect against damage for decorations without original packaging.

3. Secure all Motors and Electronic Parts

If an animated decoration has moving parts or electronics, be sure to secure them to prevent damage during storage.

4. Remove Batteries

Remove all batteries before placing into storage. This will save the life of the battery, reduces the risk of damage to the decoration and in some cases could even prevent a fire hazard.

Do you need a place to store your Halloween Decorations and Costumes Safely and Securely?

Store Your Halloween Decorations and Costumes Safely and Securely in one of our self storage units

When Halloween has ended, and the storage of your scary decor is necessary, count on us to do it right. We have everything you need to store Halloween decorations and costumes safely, including any extra packing supplies like tape, bubble wrap or boxes.

Our self storage facility also offers convenient drive-up and indoor units for Halloween decorations and costumes. It’s also worth noting that we offers various unit sizes to fit all your storage needs, whether you have a small amount of Halloween decorations or enough to decorate the entire block!

With month-to-month leases and the best security features in the storage industry, our facility and self storage professionals can help you easily store Halloween decorations.

Please contact us if we can assist in any way with your current self storage unit or with a new unit.

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